Building Materials


Plumbing tools from IMEXIC help you to clean drains, cut, repair and bend pipes, or install new equipments easily and quickly. A pipe cutter slices through PVC and metal quickly and is now available in numerous styles that cut pipes up to 5 inches in its diameter. A pipes’ wrench can install or remove piping under sinks, water heaters and tubs competently and comes in lots of models. Flaring equipment will swag and flare copper, steel, aluminum and brass pipe. Turn to us for a great range of tubing and piping tools to suit all types of plumbing challenges faced by you.

Marble & Ceramic

Marble and ceramic are widely used in homes, offices and other building due to their beauty and strength commonly for exterior and interior wall cladding, exterior and interior paving and flooring, fireplaces, staircases, counter tops, vanity tops, table tops, etc. We have become the leading importer and exporter of marble and ceramic offering a wide range in different and alluring colors. So, whether you require marble cladding for new hotel or building, or a small amount for your residential kitchen or bathroom, we at IMEXIC look forward to offer you with the optimum in materials, outstanding service and our vast expertise.


Manufactured from thin sheet of cross-laminated veneers and bonded under pressure and heat with solid adhesives, plywood has become one among the most omnipresent building product for many decades. Plywood is now available in a broad range of appearance grade ranging from natural, smooth surfaces appropriate for underlayment and finishing work to more economical grade used for subfloors and wall sheathing. We offer different ranges of plywood for many different applications including Softwood plywood, hardwood plywood, tropical plywood, aircraft plywood, decorative plywood, flexible plywood, marine plywood, fire-retardant, wire mesh, moisture-resistant, sign-grade, etc. for our clients to select from as per their needs.