Kashmir Products


Zafran is the spice which is derived from “saffron crocus” flower. It is also known as Kashmiri saffron. It has extra thick and long threads which on being soaked expands and becomes longer. It is red in its color and has higher aroma and color enhancing capabilities. Only top notes of “saffron crocus” flower tend to be used to make saffron spices for you. You necessitate only few strands of zafran to create desired flavors in “kheer” or the rice pudding. Zafran offered by us is of very high quality. Our clients are very contented with the saffron quality offered by us and come back regularly to buy more.

Dry Fruits

Dried fruits are the fruits that are preserved by having their complete moisture removed from them. Fruits that have been typically dried keep for much long time. Dry fruits include various vitamins, essential nutrients and fats, and hence they can keep you fit and healthy. They have a lot of skin benefits as well. That is the reason why, it isn’t surprising to see lots of dry fruits to be the core ingredients of beauty products. We offer all types of high quality dry fruits to individuals and businesses for simply eating them or using them to make some by products.

Kashmiri clothes

The traditional outfits of Jammu & Kashmir are well-known for their intricate designs and embroidery that reflect rich culture and landscapes of the area. The forms of clothes are designed mainly to counter cold climate of this region. These cultural influences together with influences on traditions coupled with climatic factors are shown in the traditional attires. Most of the outfits are made up of wool, silk and cotton designed with elaborate embroideries. The long gowns have a lot of gorgeous embroidery works on it including floral motifs. We at IMEXIC,  offer a broad range of Kashmiri clothes in different and attractive designs, sizes and colors.