Basmati Rice

IMEXIC is the leading exporter of Basmati rice. Basmati rice is kind of rice which is grown in Himalayas and Pakistan. It’s long grain rice which is characterized by light nutty flavor and is considered as one of the top-quality white rice having a distinctive aroma. The rice is eaten alone or can be even used as base for lots of different sweet and savory dishes. Basmati rice is the perfect addition to the Indian curries and it’s used in pilaf and biryani dishes. It can either be white or brown with the brown range having better flavor. When cooked, they become lighter and fluffier than the standard rice, and don’t stick together.

Non Basmati Rice

Non-Basmati Rice now has penetrated lots of market in rice exporting countries all around the world. IMEXIC offers you high quality non basmati rice at very reasonable prices. Non Basmati Rice even has marked degree of the natural aroma in both raw and cooked state. We offer extremely nutritious and tasty Non Basmati Rice. All the non basmati varieties offered by us are long grain rice. Non-basmati rice is available in various sizes and shapes. Some are slender and long, some are thick and short, some can be round and some are similar to beads in their shape.